True Glory Wholesale Buyer's Club

Introducing the True Glory Wholesale Buyer's Club

True Glory Hair is now offering the opportunity to buy premium virgin hair at unbeatable wholesale prices! This is the most flexible program of it's kind because each of our members can tailor it to fit their own business needs. Whether you're a hair stylist who wants to take advantage of wholesale pricing to keep inventory on-hand to sell to your clients, or a business owner that has your own virgin hair extensions brand and want to use drop shipping to send orders directly to your customers, now you can take advantage of incredible savings everyday with no minimum purchase requirement.  

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Become a Member! Only $19.99/Month

Plus one-time initiation fee of $49.99

When you become a member of the True Glory Wholesale Buyers’ Club you get unlimited access to exclusive wholesale prices for the highest quality hair in the industry. We have a team of dedicated staff who are here to help support you in all your wholesale needs so you can start selling hair to your clients and grow your business!

  • Immediate access to our members-only wholesale portal 
  • No minimum purchase required
  • Seamless dropshipping included
  • Fast-free shipping for orders under $500 and hassle-free returns
  • Priority customer support access
  • Refer a friend to the program and get one month free! 

Perfectly Simple Dropshipping

With our dropshipping and product customization options never worry about the hassle of inventory management and shipping to your customers ever again.

Benefits of dropshipping:  

  • No need to keep inventory on hand, so no risk of lost or stolen products
  • No more tying up your money keeping inventory in stock without having a sale first. Buy on-demand and free up your cash flow to spend on other things to grow your business.
  • Take advantage of True Glory’s 15-day exchange & return policy
  • Shipping is free for orders under $500 
  • For a small additional fee, you can customize your packaging with your personal logo at checkout. * This feature is optional

How Dropshipping Works

Your customer places an order with you for virgin hair extensions 

You log into your exclusive True Glory Wholesale Buyer’s Club portal to get take advantage of members-only wholesale discounts

We ship your order directly to your customers with your business as the sender as if it was coming straight from you

Your customer receives premium virgin hair from you and you make money without ever having to worry about the hassles of managing inventory and shipping

A Wholesale Club for Everyone

Business Owners

Want to be a Virgin hair retailer with none of the hassle? Sell high-quality Virgin hair without ever having to maintain inventory or make runs to the post office with our drop shipping option!


Sell our high-grade virgin hair to your clients and turn those wholesale savings into simple, hassle-free profits!

Hair Lovers

If you are a frequent buyer of Virgin hair, then our club membership gives you access to wholesale prices but with no minimum purchase requirement - saving you tons of money!

Earn Thousands $$ Per month!


How much does it cost?  

True Glory’s Wholesale Buyer’s Club membership is $19.99 per month plus a one-time initiation fee of $49.99.

How can I cancel my membership?  

To cancel your Buyer’s Club membership, get in touch with our customer service team at (470)-372-1597 available from 10 am to 5 pm EST Monday through Friday. Unfortunately, initiation fees and past monthly subscription fees cannot be refunded.

How does dropshipping work?

With our dropshipping option, you don’t have to worry about inventory management or shipping. Simply place an order in the buyer’s club portal, check off the dropping shipping option, and we will have the orders sent directly to your customers as if it was being sent directly from you. For an additional fee, you can customize your packaging with your personal logo at checkout. *This does not include your own e-commerce website.

 Does the Buyer's Club Program come with a website?

Many of our Wholesale Buyer's Club members have their own virgin hair extensions brands and have built their own websites. Unfortunately, setting up websites is not a part of the Buyer's Club program and will have to be done separately. However, once you join, one of our marketing experts can provide recommendations and assistance on how to set one up to use for dropshipping.  

What is the buyer’s club return and exchange policy? 

We have a 15-Day Quality Guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your True Glory Hair purchase send us an email to We will accept the items for a no-hassle refund or exchange within 15 days of delivery. Refunds are provided only for hair extensions that have not been worn, unwrapped otherwise tampered and are returned within fifteen (15) days of the date that you receive your order.  

How long does shipping take?  

Standard shipping is free for Wholesale Buyer’s Club orders under $500 and any order over $500 requires overnight signature delivery confirmation for $ 35. Standard Processing time is 1 to 3 business. We also offer drop shipping where we can send your orders directly to your customer using your logo. Contact to learn more about the drop shipping option. 

How much is the buyer’s club discount? 

To see the pricing for each product, download the full pricing guide here. There is no minimum purchase requirement.  

Do I have to use the drop shipping feature?

The True Glory Wholesale Buyer's Club program is the most flexible program of it's kind because each of our members can tailor it to fit their own business needs. Some members join exclusively to use the convenient drop shipping feature to send orders directly to their customers. Other member's use the program to take advantage of wholesale pricing at no minimum purchase requirement to keep inventory on-hand. Other members use both the dropshipping feature to send orders directly to customers as well as to keep inventory on-hand to sell in-person.